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Cancellation and Online Event of APEX connect 2020

Cancellation of APEX connect 2020

Dear visitors of APEX connect 2020

Over the past few days and weeks we have received a lot of enquiries on the possible realization of APEX connect 2020. First of all, we would like to thank you for your patience so far.

Although the realization of an event at the beginning of May seems unrealistic from the current point of view, APEX connect 2020 has not yet been affected by the official containment measures. The previous orders are currently valid until April 19. For this reason, legal clarification and negotiations to terminate the contracts with the service providers were difficult. We have now succeeded in finding an amicable solution with the parties involved that will allow us to cancel APEX connect, largely unwind it and limit the financial burdens on DOAG.

Reverse Transaction

It is very important to us to refund the participant tickets as quickly as possible and as complete as possible. For the refund please fill out this form and send it back to infodoagorg. Due to the amount of tickets, an increased processing time is to be expected. We ask for your understanding.

Become an APEX connect Hero

As we are fully convinced of the cohesion within the APEX community and the special spirit of APEX connect, we hope for your support and would like to suggest an alternative to a full refund of your ticket: Help us to secure the future of APEX connect and become an APEX connect Hero! An APEX connect Hero is so convinced of the APEX community and the special features of APEX connect that they are willing to invest in the future of APEX connect. In return, they voluntarily waive a part of their refund. As a thank you, we also treat you as our heroes. We will give you all the details of the campaign on the corresponding landing page.

APEX connect as Online Event

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the great support from the community, which has accompanied the event with great enthusiasm to date and has fully committed itself to its realization. This is why we have decided not to cancel APEX connect without replacement: We will be holding a remote event with a slimmed-down program on May 5 and 6, 2020 – free of charge. We are currently putting together a program of lectures for this event and will provide information via our channels as soon as possible.

With kind regards 

Fried Saacke, CEO
For the conference management