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Networking Events

Roller coaster fun and more at APEX connect 2020!

Connect & Ride on Tuesday, May 5


Barcamp Sessions and Roller Coasters

On Tuesday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm there will be interactive barcamp sessions that invite you to participate. At the same time you can try out some of the rides at Phantasialand.

Evening Event on Tuesday, May 6



A rich buffet with all sorts of delicacies awaits you on Wednesday from 6:30 pm! Recharge your batteries for an adventurous evening event.

Amusement Rides

These rides await you both during "Connect & Ride" on Tuesday as well as during the evening event on Wednesday:



You want to take it easy? Then glide through the air on the chain carousel "Wellenflug" in the middle of the park and enjoy the breathtaking light and water effects beneath your feet.


Black Mamba

Are you fearless enough to face the Queen of Snakes? The Black Mamba will take you along on the prowl! With over 80 km/h, loops, screws and rollovers she races through the African landscape with you. 


Maus au Chocolat

Mouse alarm in the imperial cake factory! In this fun ride with 3D effects, it is your task to get rid of the cheeky rodents with your chocolate-filled piping gun. Don't worry, the cute rodents will remain unharmed.


Colorado Adventure

In the mine-cart coaster "Colorado Adventure" you will become treasure hunters! It takes you on a fantastic adventure in the Colorado Mountains with their steep peaks and deep canyons.